Sunday, April 24, 2011


W0W!!! So...i knw everybdy goes hard about their zodiac sign but LEOs cme HARD we never have 2go! Simple! A ♌ is very nice, generous, outgoing, funny, creative, sexy, sexual, BUT don't ever cross a ♌ cus BAAAABY!!! ....#thatsall

...I am too geeked about this lil columbia get away 0MG! I haven't been bck hme in like a month я 2 geesh!

[235am] Soooo iAM back in the 803 and had an effn blast last night! The simple things means so much glad i matured as i got older///some ppl won't ever experience tht, maturity!

Its jst me & my mom 2day like back in '85; i remember those days like yesterday! Headed to today [if this lady hurry up] anutha joy of being back hme is going to the way! #YesGawd

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