Sunday, April 24, 2011


W0W!!! So...i knw everybdy goes hard about their zodiac sign but LEOs cme HARD we never have 2go! Simple! A ♌ is very nice, generous, outgoing, funny, creative, sexy, sexual, BUT don't ever cross a ♌ cus BAAAABY!!! ....#thatsall

...I am too geeked about this lil columbia get away 0MG! I haven't been bck hme in like a month я 2 geesh!

[235am] Soooo iAM back in the 803 and had an effn blast last night! The simple things means so much glad i matured as i got older///some ppl won't ever experience tht, maturity!

Its jst me & my mom 2day like back in '85; i remember those days like yesterday! Headed to today [if this lady hurry up] anutha joy of being back hme is going to the way! #YesGawd

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Is lyfe such a sure thing

So i am jst sitting here at my desk at work listening to miguel ♬ 'sure thing' & i must say i love the beat and swag of this song its so soothing!

The lyrics have truth to them...imagine me being all tht for you & being all tht for US! 'U can be the cash & i can be the rubberband'

Lyfe is a simple HIT or MISS & i feel the same with love BUT thee best thing is tht u get more than 3strikes before ur out! #YesGawd

I've finally realized tht ill never be happy all the time so why bask in the moment of anger/sadness/frustration/lies or deceit...i can jst live for the moment & have tht moment for life...little thngs cme & go 'ish happens...

#random but I'd love to have a home in nevada in the desert next to a lake or body of water or over looking a big pool with a drop to it! #epic

Even wen we down to the wire even if its do or die...this love is a sure thing!!
love u like a brother treat u like a frend respect u like a lover! ......

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


0MG this picture embodies everything tht #l8NightsEarlyMornings stands for! Tht nite was epic! First stop was midtown for drinks with my unk @lyfeunexpected & then a VIP party in buckhead! Talk about stoopid pack it was CHOICE! Ran n2 sme Reality "stars" iGESS #NoShade tho as my dad wud say 'get it how u life it' ....watever tht means! Then we went to this diner called Atl diner & had thee best onion rings and then i went HAM on these french toast & cheese & eggs! #epic |o & btw i fell asleep in this tank & this was the mrning pic POUND tired BOOTs! Ion even knw how i got home tht nite... [Jesus is my pilot] no worries!
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Evolution of a NUPE

I really found this picture to be nothing less than Ahhhhmazing! To actually see the evolution of a man, a KAΨ man; leaves one speechless! KAΨ φνπ
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

#504 lil foto shoot!

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Ill forever love this foto...ill never forget how excited i was when i got the call to come to charlotte north carolina to actually do the shoot!

...Being tht i had did a set before with the fotographer i was no where near nervous as compared to the first set!

I truely felt as tho he captured everything that was suppose to be captured within this foto! I actually feel like it can go up against other #NoH8 campaign ads that's out there!

"What does #NoH8 mean?" ...someone asked!
....Welp for me it means not h8n on anyone no matter sexual pref, color of skin, race, ethics...etc jst as simple as it sound.. #Noh8

....To say i have a lotta of haters would be petty i think bc i do not even concentrate on how others view me esp as compared to my previous years!

Lesson I've learned... Not every brother is my brother!
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New Orleans 504

....So i really enjoyed myself in #504 for st ptrks wknd! Altho it seemed like the trip frm "hell" everything panned out as it shud have!

I had planned this trip for sme weeks now with a frat brother frm we were geeked! :.well i knw i was .: at anyrate he failed to deliver & he had "reserved the room" in 504!

Come to find out he cancelled the room and i was there looking for a hotel for 2hours riding around! SMH but thanks to TC tha DJ i was able to get a room & enjoy my trip!

....Never but ur trust in man!

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